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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Seven Percent Solution
0.07 licensed to Bill

Matthew Yglesias notes that 7% of US residents describe their ethnicity as "American" and that they are concentrated roughly in Appalachia and more precisely in the counties where more than 65% of Democratic primary voters voted for Clinton.

Below is a map in which the areas with the highest concentration of un-hyphenated American Americans are red


Now the map of counties that Hillary Clinton has won by more than 65% -- the grey gaps are Kentucky and West Virginia which hadn't voted yet.


Basically Clinton Hammered Obama in areas with a lot of American-Americans unless they also had a whole lot of African Americans and also hammered him in upstate New York, Upper Michigan and the technically not in Mexico counties in Southern South Texas.

* Update: typo corrected. Thanks to Brendan Keefe.

Now I understand the Irish American John McCain's slogan "The American President Americans Have Been Waiting For" I guess he was told the election depends on 7 % of the vote by the guy who told him that cutting $ 28 billion a year in earmarks would balance hundreds of Billions* a year of tax cuts for the rich (Mark Penn probably).

Hmmm What is the ethnicity of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Presidents Bush, Bill Clinton, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Truman, Hoover, Coolidge, Harding, Wilson and Taft ? Also would Eisenhower and the Roosevelts have admitted to being German American ? I'd say that in the 20th century the US had 2 Irish-American Presidents, 3 German-American Presidents and one or two English American Presidents (Wilson was one) and nine or ten hyphenless Presidents.

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