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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thank God For the Democratic Congress
if you believe in God. I can only thank my fellow Americans for saving me from
Republicans who claim to be theocrats but really focus only on sending money to their supporters

Efforts to reauthorize Head Start stalled in the past two Republican-led Congresses in part over proposed rules that would allow faith-based groups to consider religion in hiring for Head Start programs.

Democratic leaders refused to allow the amendment to come up for a vote yesterday, and the House beat back an effort, 222 to 195, to force the legislation back to committee to consider the issue.

What total utter scum. They want to spend public money to support religious discrimination and were willing to block head start re-authorization to hold little kids hostage until the Democrats agreed to fund their bigoted ward heeler ministers.

How can I be so naive that I am shocked after the fact ?


Anonymous said...

I did not know, and would not have guessed. Imagine.

I will find a reference.


Anonymous said...

Here then a reference with further development:

May 3, 2007

House Votes to End Test Central to GOP's Shift on Head Start
By Valerie Strauss - Washington Post