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Friday, May 11, 2007

Kevin Drum points to an absolutely excellent web page arguing against repealing the estate tax.

The page is full of facts and convincing to any honest person (that wasn't enough in 1993 we needed a majority in congress).

However, I think that is a bit vague on the way in which given names are passed down from generation to generation in one of our newer ultrarich dynasties

"William H. Gates Sr., father of Microsoft's chairman, William H. Gates III.

Not Kim Jong Ill territory, but still embarrassing given the topic.

To pretend to be mature, I note that this amazing fact

"Even one of the leading advocates for repeal of estate taxes, the American Farm Bureau Federation, said it could not cite a single example of a farm lost because of estate taxes."

A claim so misleading that it can not be supported by a single anecdote is extraordinary even for Republicans. Wow.

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