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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The megashrill Brad DeLong accuses George Bush of proposing a social security reform plan.

Ramesh Ponnuru is off message:


Foolish Ramesh! George W. Bush assured us that he never proposed to cut Social Security benefits! He only proposed to slow the rate of growth of benefits!

And Bush never "balanced the books" on his Social Security reform plan.

How dare you accuse Our President of presenting a social security reform plan !
He never ever did any such thing. He was seeking input and guidance from ordinary* Americans via his town hall meetings.

The claim made by DeLong, Weisberg, and Ponnuru that there was a plan with balanced or unbalanced books is utterly false and slanderous (or libelous I can't keep them straight even if dead trees are involved).

Professor DeLong does admit that Bush never did present a plan whose 70 year shortfall could have been estimated to be zero or any other number, since he never presented a precise plan.

Driven mad by Bush hatred, professor Delong will probably soon claim that George Bush had a plan for the occupation and reconstruction of Iraq.

* I admit that the patriotic geniuses who participated in the town hall meetings are** somewhat better than ordinary Americans, as, to gain admisssion to such a meeting, one had to demonstrate an ability to accurately evaluate the severity of the social medicare and security crisis, the genius of Bush, and the fact that US future productivity growth is a holy duality with two aspects -- the father who determines payroll growth and the Son who determines equity returns (heeeey maybe the Holy Spirit could have balanced the books of the transendent and not indwelling reform to be).

** those who have since passed away to the fully funded entitlement in the sky were better than ordinary Americans.

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