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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Joe Frank my best friend from junior high school who tracked down my e-mail in the 90s using a $20 computer thinks that, given that amazing triumph, he can get a Virginia Driver's licence. Of course he learns

Everything Has Changed

Two days ago I tried to get a Virginia driver's license, I thought I was
prepared with my birth certificate and deed but the hospital birth
certificate is not valid anymore. I was told that this is because
"Everything has changed since 911". Instead, I had to pay some stupid
company $50.00 for another birth certificate. The next day Bush was on
TV; when asked why he invaded Iraq he said "Everything has changed since
911". I'm sick and tired of all these idiotic paranoid people. They
have the FBI talking to the Pentagon but they can't have the Maryland
MVA talk to the Virginia DMV. I have to go between two agencies to prove
I paid a sales tax on my car so I can get my car registered and then I
will have to prove I was not without insurance when the MVA is notified
that I dropped my Maryland insurance. Until I prove this I will have an
enormous fine for $150 the first day and more for each day after that.
They assume you are guilty. A company is sending my birth certificate
which I ordered over the phone with information that any terrorist could
buy for $35 online.

by Joe Frank

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