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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dusty's Water or the Foggo of War.

At least Larry Johnson likes dumb puns too.

It looks like the number three guy in CIA may be in big trouble because of allegations about a sweetheart water deal in Iraq. The guy in the crosshairs, Kyle Dustin (Dusty) Foggo, is currently the Executive Director of the CIA.

Will Dusty twist in the wind in the latest modified limited hangout ? Hope so, but he's not a big fish so this only rates a mini minipony (also google is having trouble keeping up with GOP corruption)

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Update: Josh Marshall also likes dumb puns. In fact he likes the very same dumb pun I like.

"The Foggo of war. (Hint|: the Duke/Wilkes link into the CIA). That and other news of the day in today's Daily Muck."

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