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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


is a much needed word. We have orthodox and paradox so why not metadox ? An orthodox statement is a statement that is pointless, because everyone has heard it a million times and most people believed it too. A paradox is a statement which is pointless, because it contradicts itself.
A metadox statement is pointless because it is all about meta issues and it references self referential references. For example, I blogged about a blog, blogging about blogging the gaggle as part of blogging Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert/Joe Gonzo/Jerimiad Gay/Journalist Guy. The post immediately below was metadoxical.


Anonymous said...

What about homodox as opposed to heterodox rather than orthodox? Homodox would stress the 'sameness' element rather than the 'trueness'or 'rightness' element, so it would be closer closer than orthodox to what we mean today when we say orthodox , i.e. something like' conventionally wise'.

Anonymous said...

interesting to consider