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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Major Marshall Metaphor

I absolutely agree with Josh Marshall's argument that standing up for principle is good politics.

For my part at least, this doesn't mean I'm ditching pragmatism in favor of a come-what-will idealism. Not at all. Far from it. I simply think that we are now operating in a political context in which clarity and candor about where Democrats stand makes for good politics -- much better certainly than the tacking back and forth that has become second nature after such a long time sailing against an adverse wind.

That metaphor worked very well, which is unusual for a double metaphor. I am more used to appreciating Dave Barry's parodies of such metaphors. Also the metaphor is deliberately very gentle with the behavior that Marshall criticizes. It's not that they are unprincipled and trim their sails to the wind, they are just fated to sail against an adverse wind.


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