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Friday, March 25, 2005

I disagree with Kevin Drum too

I had thought he was interested in the raise the ceiling option but he writes

POSTSCRIPT: And while we're on the subject, Matt is exactly right about Dems standing firm on refusing to offer an alternative plan of their own. It's not necessary, since Social Security isn't in crisis, and it would be politically moronic — as no less an expert than George Bush himself has admitted. Bottom line: Bush is stuck in the quicksand on this issue, and it's not up to the Democratic party to throw him a rope. He's the one who claims there's a crisis, so let him make the first move.

Like a broken record, I repeat that, while it is almost always a bad idea to demand attention when your opponent is attempting political suicide, this is an exception. The public strongly supports an excellent proposal which is anathema to Republicans -- elmiination of the FICA ceiling. This proposal is so good that it will add to Bush's discomfiture. Proposing it would not be throwing Bush a Rope it would be throwing him an anvil.

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