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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Katherine Geier calls me a "penis-holder"


Everyone knows that Amurka is white people. ‘Specially white people who are dudes. Oh, and of course, rich people! The notion non-whites, the poor, urban dwellers, and unmarried women are second-class citizens whose votes shouldn’t count is straight-up racism and sexism of the most despicable kind. Obama’s detractors will use prettied up phrases — they’ll say he didn’t win over “middle America” or (as per Atrios) “the heartland,” but what they mean is that the votes of those who don’t have white skin or possess a penis, or a piece of paper that legally connects them to a penis-holder, should not count.

and I object in comments

Do you think "the heartland" means "the penisland" or more exactly "the whitepenisland" ? I almost wrote the english speaking white penisland and now will have nightmares of white penises speaking to me in English -- and the blame is shared equally by you and Sandy.

Isn't "a penis-holder" getting a bit personal ?  Some guys just pull it out of their pants and let it dangle while pissing.  Or do you mean not just for plumbing purposes but also uh entertainment. You're not suggesting that we are all wankers are you ?  I mean maybe we are all wankers, but it's still not polite to suggest that.

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