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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Saint at the New Life Celebration Church

For anyone who ever thought they were too busy to vote, meet 21-year-old Galicia Malone.The south suburban Dolton mom-to-be was spotted at her polling place Tuesday morning on her way to give birth at a local hospital.
Cook County Clerk David Orr said Malone's contractions were five minutes apart when she showed up around 8:30 a.m. at her precinct's location named, yes, New Life Celebration Church.

Update .Another polling place hero -- Ty Houston 

"He was dead," Houston said. "He had no heartbeat and he wasn't breathing. I started CPR, and after a few minutes, he revived and started breathing again. He knew his name and his wife's name."
What happened next astounded Houston and the victim's wife.
"The first question he asked was 'Did I vote?'" 
Pity about that lack of enthusiasm no ?

I think that Houston and the guy who's life he saved deserve an invitation for one of those beers with Obama (especially if the death defying voter voted for Romney which I tend to doubt).

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