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Monday, June 08, 2009

Total Humiliation Avoided For Now

Just when I thought it was safe to read polls in my native country, Italy my country of residence began scaring me again. In spite of a bit of fooling around with underage girls not to mention a total unwillingness to let the nations problems distract him from the key issue, which is that eveyone who looks at the evidence has decided to persecuute him, the polls said that Silvio Berlusconi was going to receive a huge mandate in the European elections.

Now many of the pollstersin Italy work for Berlusconi as do basically all TV journalists, so I guess they mainly showed that Berlusconi wanted to believe that he was very popular.

In any case, almost two thirds of Italians demonstrated that they have a limit. Berlusconi's party, the Yaaay Italy-ex Post Fascist alliance, is the largest single party. The Italian Democratic party reminds me of my early teens, even though McGovern's share of the vote is much larger. Many of the Italians finally disgusted by Berlusconi voted for the ranting rascist Lega Nord (allies in government) but the parties in the current majority got only 45.5% of the vote so, if the opposition were united it would have won (of course in the last political elections if the opposition had been united it would have won and if pigs had wings they could fly).

Oh what mild relief it was to be alive on that OK day, but to be middle aged was very limbo.

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