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Friday, June 12, 2009

March 8th Now has three meanings

Once it was just a day in the year. Then it was declared to be international women's day by the first socialist international.

It is also the name of the Hezbollah lead coalition which lost the recent Lebanese elections.

Although it was not decisive, scientific polling in Lebanon suggests that Obama did have an effect in the defeat of the Hezbollah coalition, "March 8", in Lebanon, even if it was a slight one.

March 8 the special day for all feminist Hezbollah activists.

As far as I know, March 8th is not celebrated in English speaking countries. In Italy it is not an official hollidy but it is celebrated. Oddly the celebration consists largely of men giving yellow mimosa's to women, usually their significant other but, obviously, also as an indication of a willingness to engage in possible future prospective significant otherness (only in Italy is a feminist holliday mainly just one more chance to hit on babes). OK also women go out to dinner with other women.

I knew this English guy born on March 8th. To him the day had 2 meanings -- a date and his birthday. His Italian girlfriend took him out to dinner on his birthday. Her reaction "I take my boyfriend out to dinner on his birthday and I feel like a crumero." But, hey, it could be worse. At least she doesn't live in Southern Lebanon where "March 8" command no matter what happens on election day.

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