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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Techincal a. :
1) for the Republican Party possibly.
2) Related to Bass family effort to avoid paying inheritance taxes.

Turns out that WHNT claims that they didn't broadcast the 60 minutes exposè on Don Siegelman because of "Techincal difficulties" this must mean either because it might have possibly caused difficulties for the Republican party or because it might have made it more likely that the Bass family will pay inheritance taxes.

Without further blackouts I will not be able to determine which of the definitions of techincal is more important in curernt use.

Apparently, half of the segment mysteriously dropped off the air on one station covering a healthy portion of Alabama, for what they claimed were "techincal" difficulties (no, really, the press release did read "techincal". I'm supposed to say something like "this is Alabama, after all," right?). This station is owned by Republican Party backers. Ho-hum.

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