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Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Fake blogs aren't really my thing, and this one in particular was in pretty bad taste."

But very funny. I have no idea how funny it would be if I knew who the celebrity's it slanders are. Nor have I a clue how I surfed to it. hhhmmm checking.

Looks like someone got fired by CNN for linking to it. Good thing I don't work for CNN.

"Hi, sweetie! Guess what: I've been clean for six days and I'm in love with my drug counselor."

No, that wouldn't go over well at all.

She's no doubt already wondering why I haven't taken any of her calls. Every time she's called I had Pat O'Brien make up some excuse for why I couldn't come to the phone. His lies still need a little work ("He's out hunting wolverine"; "He's training his wolverines; "He's lactose intolerant"; "He's a wolverine" ), but thus far they've done the trick.

Although now I need to figure out how to get a wolverine in here by tomorrow..

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