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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Matthew Yglesias did not listen to Brad DeLong who begged him to stop.

Matthew Yglesias Really Shouldn't Have Said That!

Don't give them ideas! Matthew flies through Dallas-Fort Worth:

Innovation: 03 Feb 2008 03:21 pm: DFW airport appears to have discovered an as-yet-unknown-to-me way of making air travel unpleasant -- there are no electrical outlets anywhere. At first, I'd thought this was just a particular instance of the common airport phenomenon of insufficient outlets. But no -- there are these power charging stations where you can pay money and charge up your iPod, cell phone, laptop, whatever. Nice work. It makes you wonder why they let you use the restrooms for free. Both in the airport and on the plane, that's a potentially lucrative profit center.

Because the DFW Airports Authority is dumb, the amount of harm that they can do is limited. But if Matthew Yglesias lets them harness his Krell-like brain in their interest..

Now Yglesias is writing about pay toilets on airplanes

"Can pay bathrooms on airplanes be far behind?"

Please someone stop him before he proposes putting pay toilets in my house.

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