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Monday, February 04, 2008

Enough with the (Kleiman Krugman debate about) Mandates already.

I really enjoy reading Kleiman and Krugman and don't enjoy their debate about Barack Obama and health care mandates.

Usually when I can't stand a debate I comfort myself by imagining I have the power to lock the debaters in a room and not let them out until they reach agreement (so my fantasies are illiberal they are just fantasies).

That doesn't appeal to me in this case. So my fantasy rule is that no more than one in ten posts (counting blog posts and op-ed columns) can be about Obama and mandates. Since they clearly can't control themselves, they will have to write about 5 times as much as they do to meet the quota. ahhh now that would be nice.

update: Krugman admits he is 20% above his maximum mandated quota.

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Hans Suter said...

lock in George Lakoff with them too. (see