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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Alessandra Braiotta Explained to me how to get access to Lexis-Nexis !!!

Now I am an insider who can use Lexis-Nexis not just a member of the googling masses.

I searched for "Robert Waldmann" and got this

The Capital (Annapolis, MD.)

November 05, 1997, Wednesday

Man gets 9 months for tussle with cops


SECTION: Inside; Pg. a7

LENGTH: 252 words

A man who started a violent, bloody struggle with county police officers will serve nine months in the county jail, a Circuit Court judge ruled this week.

... charges of second-degree assault, resisting arrest and fourthdegree burglary in an agreement with prosecutors.
In exchange, other charges of resisting arrest and reckless endangerment were not prosecuted, said Andrew Jezic, the assistant state's attorney who handled the case.

Judge Clayton Greene Jr. ... 11 years in a state prison for the three counts, but suspended all the time in favor of nine months in the county detention center with work-release privileges. He also ordered ... anger management counseling and five years of supervised probation.

The case stemmed from a July disturbance at the Friendly's restaurant at 412 Crain Highway in Glen Burnie. Police at the time accused ... of tossing a metal napkin dispenser through the drivethrough window and crawling into the business, cutting his arms in the process.

Officers said he was chasing his former girlfriend around the establishment when they arrived. He resisted being handcuffed and banged his head against a table, police said.

... Robert Waldmann asked Judge Greene ... house arrest.

"I guess what is most telling is your complete out-of-control (nature)," Judge Greene said.

Maybe I'll go back to google.

Update: The Robert Waldmann in question is Assistant Public Defender Robert Waldmann, not the defendant (my motto never libel a lawyer even if it is obvious to all normal people that you are joking). Pretty good job Robert, to get 11 years (11 years !!!) down to probabion plus 9 months with work release (as if the defendant is ever going to get a job after this story was published). Please don't sue me. I was only joking. You understand humor don't you ? For example you understand that a case "Robert Waldmann vs Robert Waldmann" will make both Robert Waldmanns laughing stocks right ? Right ?

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