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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Why do a Plurality of Americans consider Republicans " better able than Democrats to keep the nation secure ?

Brad DeLong wants to know.

I try to answer

Well I think it's because they say "security" but they mean "standing tall", "being number one" and being the worlds alpha Republic. People don't like to admit that they enjoy kicking other countries around, so they claim it is for security.

here is a Newspeak English dictionary

National Security = Kicking Ass

Crime in the Streets = uppity Blacks

Family values = sexaphobia

Judeo Christian = Christian

Christian = fundamentalist

Southern culture = Jim Crow

Rugged individualist = selfish

Big Goverment = paying taxes

Waste Fraud and abuse = I don't want to cut programs

Real America = Red America

Red America = subsidized America

It all makes sense once you realise that they are speaking Newspeak.

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