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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Brad DeLong fears the ghost of William Jennings Bryan (who was dumb but what's wrong with free coinage of silver during a deflation?). Kevin Drum wonders how to explain to the American muddled middle class that they are getting shafted. I think both problems have one solution. Argue for a specific policy proposal now. A simple sloganisable plan for making the tax code more progressive with brackets and tax rates and simulations of the increase in total revenues, the median families tax cut and the 95th percentile income families tax cut should solve both problems. Simple so you can explain it. A simple change would be good policy.

Am I dreaming of making Democrats agree ? Am I dreaming of making politicians make specif proposals ? Am I dreaming of politicians being forced to keep their campaign promises ? Guilty on all counts.

Drum says we should say "The Republicans Owe you $20,000" I think we should say "We Democrats will give you $2,000". That would get their attention. Also Drum is able to fudge by considering an increase in total hours worked per capita an injustice and counting women's relative gain an injustice, I would have to make the numbers add up (of course to his credit he has actually done his calculation).

A huge advantage of the telling the poorest 90% "if you vote for us we will give you $2000 plan", is that it will drive the pundits wild with rage. Strawpundit shrilly screams "that that's worse than demagogery that is bribery". Dream Democrat replies "Strawpundit is an honorable man and I am sure he believes what he says and isn't just saying it because our plan will cost him tens of thousands of dollars given his income."

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