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Friday, September 08, 2006

Bush is Deranged Syndrome

The Washington Post has an interesting article on the decision to transfer all prisoners disappeared by the CIA to Guantanamo. The most interesting aspect is not stressed by Dafna Linzer and Glenn Kessler. It is that the Bush administration is full of delusional insane psycho lunatics. Consider

Hamdan "forced our hand," said White House counselor Dan Bartlett, the only administration official who agreed to speak on the record. "We knew there was going to have to be some acknowledgment that they were in our hands."

So Mr Bartlett says that the Supreme Court forced the Bush administration to admit that , for example, Khalid Sheik Mohammad was in their hands. Evidently they had been trying to keep this fact secret by first trumpeting his capture and then responding to all criticisms of their handling of the war on terrorism by exagerating what fraction of al Qaeda leaders were in US custody.

"Some acknowledgement" in the same sense that the ruthless facts forced me to make "some acknowledgement£ that George Bush is not a perfect president.

OK let's review. KSM is captured and their is a publicity blitz. He is not in Guantanamo, he is not in Bagram, he is not even in Abu Ghraib. They won't say where exactly he is, but they are trying to hide the fact that his location is secret. Do they think people will assume that he is in a non-secret prison whose location is a non secret secret ?

Not just a crime and a mistake but a logical paradox.

These people are insane.

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