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Monday, September 11, 2006

Webb is 7.5% ahead of Allen in the Latest WSJ Poll ! Way to go Sidharth !

I love the feature and the fact that it is not behind an impenetrable subscription wall, but I have a complaint to the WSJ. Their summary is based on the assumption that the incumbent party will keep Senate seats from states which they did not poll, including Montana and Rhode Island. This seems to have fooled TPM reader DK (or at least he doesn't contest the silly calculation that there will be 52 Republican Senators including Burns and a Rhode Islander to be named later.

Conrad Burns is semi nailed in the Abramoff probe, has a habit of insulting fire fighters and generally acting like a jerk and a fool and is behind in the polls. Montana is a likely Dem pickup.

In Rhode Island, Lincold Chafee is behind in the polls *in the primary*. The RSCC is desperately trying to save him from their party's lunatic fringe.

By my calculations the Republicans have 50 including extremely narrow leads in Missouri and Tennessee (and not counting a tie in New Jersey and Lieberman).

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