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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Senate foreign relations committee will vote on Bolton today.

I won't make a prediction (my Kerry wins by 1.6% prediction will be my last for a while). I think it is clear that all the semi sane Republicans on the committe and especially Hagel and Chafee are trying very hard to hide the fact that they are so loyal to Bush (read afraid of Rove) that they would seriously consider approving the nomination of Osama Bin Laden. Thus they feel they must claim that they are seriously concerned by the proof that Bolton sabotaged Bush administration policy, hid intelligence from his superiors, tried to fire his subordinates who told him he was wrong, committed a major felony last week and has a funny mustache.

If they are determined to vote for him, they should have learned by now to give no hostages to fortune. It would be highly unwise to describe any possible world in which they would vote against, because with Bolton anything is possible.

It is not a good idea to say "well yes he did commit perjury, but he didn't get a blow job .. from a martian ... who was underage ... here in the committee chamber... while I was looking ... as far as I recall."

No matter how low you set the bar, this guy can get under it.

Linc, Chuch I'm your friend. Listen to me. Keep your mouths shut or just say no.

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