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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Waldman on Cheneys

I was frustrated to learn that I am not the Waldman[n] who has enough influence to be quoted on Fox News by Megyn Kelly. Paul Waldman manages to win a Hirohito award with "Maybe listening to Dick Cheney on Iraq isn’t a good idea" as a result of which the debate situation has worked out not necessarily to the Cheneys' advantage while underlining history's greatest example (so far) of self unaware inadvertant self reference (which is not thee first line in their op-ed).
The op-ed contains nothing even approaching a specific suggestion for what , other than to say that defeating terrorists “will require a strategy — not a fantasy. It will require sustained difficult military, intelligence and diplomatic efforts — not empty misleading rhetoric."
@robertwaldmann was attempting absurdly self referential tweets when I found Greg Sargent @ThePlumLineGS noting the influence of his co-blogger. I should have known that I couldn't compete with the Cheneys

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