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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jella internazionale

Yesterday I checked what was happening in the World Cup. I was surprised to find that Iran had held Argentina to a 0-0 tie after 90 minutes (so in tempo di recupero which I think is called stoppage time in English). I was a bit surprised to find that I was pleased. OK so they occupied our embassy and held diplomats hostage 33 years ago, but I find I don't bear a grudge and must must must root for the underdog. So I clicked for more details and saw huh wah now it says Argentina 1 Iran 0. Yes that was minute 91. My 5 seconds (10 second max) of rooting for Iran caused them to lose the match. This reminds me of the strange case of Barack Obama. He isn't just a half Arican US president whose parents divorced when he was 2 and whose middle name is Hussein. He is also the only candidate who has ever won in spite of receiving a campaign donation from me. Speak no ill to me of your worst enemy. If I am for him, he will lose.

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