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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Time Is It ?

Troubles with technology.  I started with 2 problems.
1) my computer's clock is not set to the correct time
2) my watch band if falling apart so I keep my watch not on my wrist but on my desk or uh where is it
(trouble with low tech leather there)

So I go to the web and type atomicclock (I assume correctly that google isn't fussy about hitting the space bar). I get to which told me it was 22:52:20

Now I know that Rome time is either 22:52:20 or 23:52:20.  Hmm I think should be GMT so it's 23:52:20 here.  But wait knows I'm in Italy (damn web spying on me)
Hello Italy!
Shipping Costs:
9.95 €
Delivery Time.
3 - 5 days

so maybe it's telling me Rome time.

I decide I have to find my watch (will have to sooner or later anyway I guess) and find that the disloyal queen hating turncoats at  have no respect for Greenwich and are trying to trick me.  I also find that my watch was slow (so I was later to my lectures than I thought).

troubles with modern technology too.

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Anonymous said...

If you want to know the time in italy, open up google and type "time in italy". If you just type time, it will give you the local time wherever it detects you are, and it (google) will tell you the time zone.

Why "atomic clock"? You think they are using inferior clocks by default, and you need the good one?