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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ballance meets Unbalanced

Ruth Marcus wishes to draw Ballanced conclusions from the fact that published a satirical story about Paul Krugman as fact. This is a challenge, but she manages. Then she decides to Ballance the White House and Congressional Republicans.  Then she doesn't bother.

I spend a lot of time interviewing administration officials and congressional Republicans, and sometimes I think: What these people really need is a good marriage counselor, someone who can get them to stop long enough to understand the situation as the opposition sees it.

One fact, stunning to White House officials, is the degree to which many Republicans remain unaware of the substance of the administration’s offers on entitlement reform. This is symptomatic of a messaging failure on the part of the White House but also of the poisonous environment in which both sides live.
That's just going through the motions.  Marcus makes a Ballanced claim.  She presents evidence that the claim is true of Republicans (her word).  She concludes "both sides".  Marcus humbly asserts taht she understands Congressional Republicans much better than those in the Obama administration does.  She presents no evidence to support this claim.  She presents no evidence, because she is arrogantly boasting.  She sees no problem with this, because she has to claim she is more rational than Obama administration officials or else she would have to admit that they are less insane than Republicans.

Also she attempts to defend congress.  She notes that they work very hard.  She neglects to mention that they spend much (most according to the DCCC) of their working time raising campaign funds.  Her argument is that if we only knew how much time congresspeople spend sucking up to rick people and trying to get money without actually selling votes, then we would think more highly of them.

Jack the Ripper probably worked up a sweat.  Does Marcus expect me to admire his athletic dedication ?

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