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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Someone at Act One had a brilliant idea here

First, they are trying to inform people what a small share of the US federal budget is foreign aid. In polls the median guess is off by a factor of ten or more. I think that it is hard to fight such missconceptions with mere facts, but it is worth trying. For one thing the massive overestimate of aid spending must cause people to think aid is ineffective, since the third world is still poor.

The brilliant part is that when I went to the site I was asked to post the link on my facebook page and to tweet it. Of course. Oh watch out, if you click the link they will ask for your e-mail address. It's not too bad, they send about one e-mail a month.

Personally, I get practically spam levels of e-mail from obscure Democratic politicians who lost a close race against some especially extreme Republican 6 to 12 years ago (before I decided that my small dollar donations were the kiss of death).

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