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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Don't blame God Duncan, blame Huntsman. Atrios figures God must hate him, because Bob Kerrey decided to run for the senate from his old cornhusker hustings. I think he should blame John Huntsman.

Huh ? OK there were two Senate surprises, Kerrey is running and Snowe is not. Snowe mentioned options outside of the Senate. Jon Chait ( presumably among others) suspects that she means running for President nominated by Americans Elect (they wish) the new cyberparty filling the yawning gap in opportunities for mega rich financiers to influence politics. Americans elect has a rule that their Presidential and vice Presidential candidates must be from different parties. Obviously it can be a bit tricky to find someone willing to eatrubber chicken in a no hope attempt to be second dog.

David Boren, who liked to piss me off by pretending to be a Democrat just declared his love for America's elect sorry, I mean Americans Elect ( shhhh it's not as if anyone didn't guess but you're not supposed to type it where the riff raff can read it. So that's one many temr reprehensative willing to pretend to hope to be VP. Suddenly Kerrey is available for Senate duty and Snowe isn't.

With neither evidence nor doubt, I am sure that Americans Elect tried to recruit Huntsman, Obama's ambassador to the PRC, Utah governor for Gay rights, too modeerate for Republicans and rabidly in favor of tax cuts for the rich. But he and Kerrey couldn't agree who would top the ticekt so we will have a chance to mainly not vote for Snowe Boren.

No evidence but look me in the eye your screen and tell me that you doubt it.

Or if you want more tinfoil, do you really think it is a coincidence that the Egyptian genersls just let Republican sect of transportation Ray LaHood's son leave the ocountry ? Why were they messing with a cabient secretary. I'm not suggesting that American's elect would resort to threatening to arrest a worker for the internstional Republican institute as part of their effort to end the two party sytem and their desperate search for a VP candidate. That would be crazy

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