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Sunday, March 11, 2012

I guess someone somewhere is interested in reading what I think about rational expectations

(if that doesn't prove that at least one person doesn't have rational expectations I don't know what could).

update: There he goes again. Proving that I don't have rational expectations, Mark Thoma linked to this so I send you over to Angrybearblog for this post.


You kids probably don't remember what life was like before google, but back in the stone age we used search engines which found keywords and put the sites in which the key word(s) appeared most often at the top. Thus I kept ending up, just for hypothetical example, at pages which had a block of text "DSGE DSGE DSGE ..." hundreds of times or "free hot microfoundations free hot microfoundations free hot microfoundations ..." The examples are purely representative (that is lies). If you are less than 20 years younger than me, you know what sites I am talking about, because you've been there and don't deny it.

The more honest of the scumbag search engine flaw exploiters would add a heading "the following is for search engine purposes only." Evidently, they assumed that their sites' visitors were too dense to notice the pattern and scroll down to get tricked into paying for "free" DSGE micro foundations if you get my drift.

Anyhoo that is all an introduction explaining the following section.

For link trolling purposes only. This post is a contribution to an interesting debate among bloggers each of whom gets much more traffic in a day than I will get in my life. They are
Paul Krugman (of course) these

Mark Thoma (also here and here).

Simon Wren-Lewis (note each name is clickable)

Noah Smith

Angry Bears (OK I'm one of them, but sometimes embarrassed to self link)

James Brad DeLong

David Glasner

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