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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Washington Post Headlines IV

I didn't click the link yesterday when this story was new. The headline "Stimulus Funds Yet to Open Many Windows"
The story considers only one factory. The headline asserts that stimulus funds haven't done something -- that means that stimulus funds haven't done that anywhere. The article says that stimulus funds haven't done that in "Chicago's Republic Windows and Doors factory"

The headline today (and IIRC the larger headline yesterday) suggested a story about how the stimulus is not working. The evidence is one place which is still in trouble. Special circumstances were noted in the article

Things have not gone well, partly due to the alleged misdeeds of former Republic Windows chief executive Richard Gillman, who was arrested Sept. 10 on charges including money laundering, theft and fraud. Surace said Gillman destroyed relationships with potential buyers and suppliers, removed equipment and left computer systems in shambles.

This is the fourth headline in four days which seems to me to show a gross anti Obama bias.

To recap (I'm bringing this series from angrybear because it is not of general interest).

Headline I
"Cap-and-Trade Would Slow Economy, CBO Chief Says"

Headline II
"Stagnant Prices Prevent Social Security Increase"

Headline III and abstract.

Record-High U.S. Deficit May Dash Obama Goals

Budget gap of $1.4T, while an improvement over worst projections, means less to spend on White House's ambitious jobs and stimulus packages.

Many people just glance at the headlines, because they are busy (they have lives). Headlines are important and something funny is happening to headlines.

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