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Friday, October 16, 2009

Beyond Parody

DougJ asks a question based on an incorrect assumption

"I guess the next logical question is whether or not the ombudsman at the New York Times will explore the issue of why the paper’s reporters aren’t covering the Bush recovery that all the conservatives are talking about."

The assumption is that the New York Times would't cover the Bush recovery that all the conservatives are talking about. A headline on the front page of

"Dow 10,000, Goldman $3 Billion: Welcome to the ‘Bush Recovery’"

So, you see DougJ, the ombudsman's salary is not wasted -- The New York Times has responded to his concerns.

Recklessly, I clicked the link. I honestly hoped it would lead to an article openly mocking absurd conservatives. The full headline was

Opinion »
The Opinionator
Dow 10,000, Goldman $3 Billion: Welcome to the ‘Bush Recovery’

Who should get the credit for the Dow's recent performance?

So I thought that maybe someone at the Times would express an opinion. The article by Eric Etherige strikes me as a Ballanced survey of opinion on the issue of whether Bush is currently President.

Paul Krugman refered to the Bush administration as "The Onion years" as the joke predictions in The Onion turned out to be more accurate than the predictions of those with pretensions of seriousness (other than Paul Krugman who has lots of pretensions and made lots of accurate predictions).

What are we to call the Obama years in which The Washington Post and The New York Times have clearly decided to imitate The Onion probably as a desperate attempt to attract young readers.

I feel for DougJ but mostly I worry about the future of the staff of The Onion and The Daily Show. How the hell are they going to keep up ?

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