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Monday, May 16, 2005

WAPO out to get Isikov but having some trouble with spelling.

Howard Kurtz is dumping on Michael Isikof because a source of the Koran in the toilet story has slightly changed his assertion. This is read as a retraction of the accusation which has been made many times by others.

In the same paper Justin Blum and Colum Lynch are after another Issikov

Two people were listed as receiving allocations on the council's behalf -- Alexander Voloshin, the highly influential chief of staff to Putin and Yeltsin, who also headed the council, and Voloshin's friend and confidant Sergey Issakov

Personally I have no sympathy either for krooks in the Kremlin or for anyone who feeds non news scandals to Matt Drudge, but I hope that Mr Issakof has been warned that they are about to find him in the phone book.

By the way an attack article by column Lynch must be a joke no ? Looks like the Onion has hacked the Washington Post's web page.

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