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Friday, May 27, 2005

I disagree with Robert Rubin who
"advised the Democrats not to introduce their own plan," on social security

(this is getting scary).

via Brad DeLong

I disagree with Rubin. I think Democrats should stand firm, refuse to compromise and wait for the bulls to gore the Republicans (metaphor due to Brad's commenter Bruce Webbb).

However, I think they should also present a plan. Not a compromise plan but a plan. I think this plan should be to eliminate the FICA ceiling. The latest poll shows 2 to one support (62% yes 31% no). It would be good policy whether or not the trust fund is currently solvent. The Republicans won't accept it (of course).

To me the risk is that centrist Democrats in the senate will try to compromise. That would be a disaster, as a compromise would have to involve benefit cuts or raising the retirement age. There is no point, since the final bill would be written in conference committee. There is no reason to look for a compromise plan to strengthen social security when the Republicans aim to weaken it.

This is obvious. Rubin's is just the most authoritative voice saying it (he being the most authoritative figure economic policy who is not a closet Randian).

It does not follow that the Democrats should not present a plan. Sometimes there is a plan which is both popular and good policy and presenting it is even better than standing by and watching Republicans drown in their own bullshit.

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