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Monday, May 02, 2005

Al Gore Claims that Right Wing Zealots Invented the Internet.

Digby Quotes and comments

While gingerly tip-toeing through the dreck [at Little Green Footballs], I came across the dumbest, dumass rightwing post of the week (and you know how tough the competition is for that.)

Reacting to a quote from Al Gore's speech last week (which was, btw, just great) one of the tiny chartreuse pee-wee players said:

“This aggressive new strain of right-wing religious zealotry is actually a throwback to the intolerance that led to the creation of America in the first place,” Gore said as many in the audience stood and applauded.

Another thing that gets me about this statement is the hypocracy of it. I get told by Leftists all the time that this nation was founded by enlightened folks who wanted to create a secular nation. Does anybody else see the logic error in stating that religious zealots wanted to create a secular nation?

Are these people allowed to drive?

Hell if failure to understand plain English worked in 2000 why shouldn't it work in 2005? Gore did not claim that he invented the internet (I don't even remember what he really said) any more than "led to the creation" meant "wanted to create". It is quite likely that the LGF poster did not want to win the fierce competition for the "dumbest, dumass rightwing post of the week, " but his comment lead to him winning it. I write probably because I would bet even money that the comment is a deliberate parody of wingnut idiocy.

Given my page rank, I can link to LGF without fear while Digby links to catch.

Catch catches one lie but doesn't bother to mention the other. "In a speech to the wacko-leftist group, Al Gore showed that the Democratic party has moved on from those primitive “Bush=Hitler” talking points" The Democratic party never compared Bush to Hitler, nor did The LGF Charles is hinting at a reference to the "Bush in 30 seconds ad" posted at (which is, by the way, technically not the Democratic party). had no way to pre-screen mpgs posted in order to participate in the contest and promptly removed the offensive proposed ad. Does Charles want to be responsible for all the comments on LGF (see above and recall the LGF quiz)

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