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Thursday, July 28, 2016


Most Republicans and many Democrats argue that Hillary Clinton should be indicted, because she used a private server for work e-mails and it might have been hacked. In contrast, no one is arguing that Colin Powell should be indicted although he used a private personal e-mail account for work, didn't have a *.gov e-mail account. Oh and by the way, Powell's e-mail account is known to have been hacked. Just as background Charlie Savage and Nicole Perlroth mention this publicly known fact.
The original “Guccifer” (pronounced GUCCI-fer) is a real person: Marcel Lazar Lehel, a Romanian hacker who used the pseudonym Guccifer to hack various accounts belonging to American celebrities and government officials, including members of the Bush family, former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, and Sidney Blumenthal, an informal adviser to Hillary Clinton. Mr. Lehel was arrested in Romania in 2014 for hacking the email accounts of several Romanian officials. In April, he was extradited to the United States to face hacking charges and pleaded guilty in May before a federal judge in Alexandria, Va. While awaiting sentencing, Mr. Lehel claimed to have hacked Mrs. Clinton’s private email server, but federal officials have found no evidence to support his claim.
Even after all these decades, I find the Clinton rules amazing. Also, the headline "Is D.N.C. Email Hacker a Person or a Russian Front? Experts Aren’t Sure" is a case of extreme Ballance. No expert quoted in the article expressed any doubt that Guccier 2.0 is a Russian front.

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