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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

GOP Dumpster fire in Cleveland

In a pointless pointless exercise I will blog about what I read on blogs and the Washington Post (sorry Brad) about the Republican Convention's first day.

1) Let's insult the popular governor of a very crucial swing state. Campaign manager Paul Manafort and Trump are thin skinned vindictive and stupid. Instead of dodging Kasich questions they decided to force Ohioans to choose (again). This is insane.

2) Roll Call Vote ! I didn't know about the majority of 9 states sign a petition implies a roll call. After running a way for a bit, the chair said enough people in 3 of 9 states changed their minds so a roll call vote on the rules wasn't required. He didn't even name the states. I think he is lying. I also think that some #neverTrumper might sue and it is conceivable that the case won't be dismissed (the GOP does have to follow its own rules).

I don't know if this will dominate the coverage

3) Danger danger. The speakers totally ignore reality.

4) I am actually shocked by Trump's ego, narcissism, imaturity and lack of decency. I am shocked that I am still shocked. He competed with his own convention with an interview on Fox. Fox cut from a mother blaming Clinton for the death of her son to Trump. This is outrageous. Trump is a spoiled child who must always be the center of attention. I am amazed that the utter contempt for all standards of decency isn't being more widely denounced.

update: As usual Charlie Pierce wrote it perfectly

At this point, I couldn't even muster the energy to get angry at the fact that, from the podium of a national convention, the opposing candidate was accused of being half a murderer. There was so much talk about dark betrayals coming from the stage all night that what Smith said got completely lost.

Later, I learned something else. That, during Pat Smith's speech, Trump called into Fox News and forced them to cut away. I learned this just about at the time that He, Trump and Melania were taking their final bows. I got angry then.

end update:

5) Trump's third wife said that he is intensely loyal to his family. Irony died.

Any loyal readers know my theory of The Divine Purpose deducing God's plan from His works. I believe that the supreme being created the earth in order to plumb the utter abyss of stupidity. This means that I fear that once it is plumbed, the Universe will have achieved its purpose and vanish. I have no plans for Friday. Hell after tonight, I have no plans for Tuesday.

update 2: Turns out I was wrong about our Creator's plan. The ultimate abyss of idiocy has been reached and the universe is still here.

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