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Thursday, April 10, 2014

I for one welcome our large eared overlords

In the middle of an e-mail exchange on the topic of whether it is reasonable to speculate that Charles Koch suffers from paranoid schizophrenia I wrote

I think there is actually evidence that a strange race of alien beings (obviously including Obama) are taking over the planet. First point of contact somewhere in Indonesia. They have some mystical power -- call it charisma which makes them extremely popular.

The evidence ? Joko Widowo Mayor of Jakarta and super popular candidate for President of Indonesia. See Economist article entitled "Yes he can" See his face (OK the hair is different)

Born 1961 . Hmm who else was born 1961 ?

Implausible ? Maybe but I mean how likely is it that a half Kenyan whose middle name is Hussein and who just happened to have lived in Indonesia would be elected 11 years after September 11 and 2 years after arriving in Washington ? Are you willing to claim it is all a coincidence ? I am.

But just in case it isn't, I for one welcome our new large eared overlords. We haven't done a very good job on our own, and their results so far are promising.

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Dan Crawford said...

Hi that is a different take on that conversation.