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Friday, April 25, 2014

Ed Kilgore was there

Ed Kilgore wrote From time immemorial, many Democrats who are really into “base mobilization” urged the party to go big on “populist” economic issues, while many Democrats who focused on “persuasion” strategies downplayed such issues.

We may be in a cycle where the old songs are archaic. Sure, a Democratic commitment to “economic populism” will help turn out “the base” insofar as it shows a renewed willingness by Obama and congressional Democrats to do something about the economy. But the most obvious value of the “populist” issues this year are that they are popular among swing voters.

I beg him to name names. I think the old songs have been archaic for at least 22 years. I also think that the "persuasion" Democrats were persuaded by money from rich individuals and large corporations to downplay populist strategies.

Ed Kilgore is now one of us. He has a past with the DLC, the Progressive Policy Institute and even the liberal New Republic. He knows all about the downplayers of populist strategies and their financing. I am thinking of a book something like David Brock's "Blinded by the Right" maybe entitled "Rendered Slightly Myopic by the Center."

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Dan Crawford said...

This is funny!