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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OK it's official -- Obama is determined to do the opposite of anything Krugman advises.

President Obama says aloha to Hawaiian shirt tradition at APEC conference

Kugman obvously thought that, since Obama is from Hawaii, he could recommend Hawaiian shirts without getting a smack in the face (I mean he didn't even mention that Obama used to smoke pot).

Liquidity Traps And Hawaiian Shirts

Hempton’s suggestion:

[Bernanke] should not only announce that the Fed is buying Italian debt. He should do it whilst wearing an Hawaiian shirt and carrying a marijuana pipe. (I would even buy him the pipe…)

OK, it turns out that I have some inside information: in his academic days, Bernanke actually DID have a taste for Hawaiian shirts, often wearing them to the office. I don’t know about the marijuana bit.

Unfortunately, when he went to the Fed they turned him into a central banker.

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