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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lying Liar Lies about Lies

Romney strategist shows reckless disregard for the truth (which should be the headline under surprising news stories such as "Area Dog Bites Man").

Stuart Stevens, a senior Romney strategist [skip]

What about the tough response from Politifact? [pants on fire - Robert ]

"Do you know how many times they did that to Barack Obama in 2008?" he said. "Quite a few.

In fact in 2008 Politifact rated 2 (two) Obama claims "pants on fire." Now when I was in elementary school we defined a "few" as "more than two but not a lot" so two is not quite "a few".

Since 2008, Politifact has rated two more Obama claims "pants on fire." In contrast they have rated 8 Romney claims "pants on fire" already. They only began following him relatively recently. In the relatively recent past, Romney's winning pants on fire ratings at more than 3 times Obama's rate. And Obama is President.

He still has work to do to catch Michelle Bachman and "chain e-mail" (and I haven't checked who else). I'm sure he will manage.

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