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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blogosphere like up totally stomps MSM or Tradmed or whatever

I read the following sentence in the New York Times, the Grey Lady herself

"The fact sheet on the meeting, one has to say, was classic Obama in its message of post-partisanship and, um, hope."

It's like, uhm you know, the kids these days, have taken over, uhm, writing out "um" in the new York Times like it was one of Matthew Yglesias's blogs or something.

OK it was Paul Krugman, but he still had to get it past the New York Times copy editors. It's not like he just had to deal with Washington Post Opinion page fact checkers or something.

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Anonymous said...

What is important above all is that Krugman is a crystal clear writer, and on occasion there is even a little fun to had and here Krugman was being clear and having fun.