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Sunday, October 26, 2008

What could possibly make things worse for the mavens of Wall Street ?

stumped eh. I have one remaining risk.

What if Nate Silver decides to try to predict asset returns.

I just learned from Stephen Colbert that his profession is baseball statistics analyst. Yep, like Olbermann he came over from sports and totally humiliated the pundits and the pollsters while beating the poltical scientists (many of whom do quite well but have trouble with breaking pitches).

So let's imagine that having schooled himself in the ultra-competitive field of baseball geekdom and demonstrating how easy it is to handicap a political horse race, he decides to price credit default swaps ?

I have tenure so I'm not scared, but if I had to put my money where my mouth is I'd be saying money is boooorrrrringggggggg and then if that didn't work investing in T-bills (putting my money where my mouth is).

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doc said...

By the way, Nate has an economics degree from the University of Chicago...undergrad only, I think...