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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Elwyn Tinklenberg is the Man of the Hour !

The Elwyn Tingklenberg movement, nay the Elwyn Tinklenberg uprising should strike terror into the hearts of Republicans (which isn't hard at the moment they seem to be panicking).

conflict of interest notice. I am actually part of the Elwyn Tinklenberg uprising having actually donated some of my not so hard earned money to his campaign.


Anonymous said...

So, where are the horrid comments in question or are we supposed to take this all on trust when the question is the destruction of still another woman?

I am all tingly waiting for the horrid, woman made, comments, knowing the Kos is all things progressive to all people forever and ever more.

Robert said...

YOu don't have to wait in tingly anticipation. Bachmann's comments were made on "Hardball".

Video available here

Searching for the transcript I keep finding the transcript to countdown which must have quoted Bachmann.

I think it is very odd that you are web literate enough to post a comment on this blog, but have to ask where are the comments. I found the video with a few seconds of googling.

Oddly you seem to think that the key issue is Rep Bachmann's gender. I personally can't recall any hint that any critic of Bachmann would have reacted any differently if she had been male.

I guess (based on very little evicdence) that you are obsessed with gender and immediately interpret any criticism of any woman as a hint of sexism. If I am wrong, sorry for the speculation based on almost no evidence.

To any hypothetical person who does have that reaction, I would argue that to overcome sexism we should iknsist that men and women be treated equally. A refusal to consider criticizing someone can be of 2 forms -- we consider that person to be infallible (there are religious people who can't stand criticism of God) or we consider that person not to be responsible. I would object to harsh criticism of a child, for example, as it is unfair to hold children to the same standards as adults. I think that if there is anyone who reflexively attacks all criticism of women as sexits, then there is someone who tends to encourage men to treat women as children.

I sure won't.