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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mole Watch

This may be a new feature of my blog. Recently, Sarah Palin dropped her cover and revealed that she is, as should have been obvious, a Democratic mole whose mission was to destroy the Republican party (I for one sure aint buying the "I thought they were mooses excuse).

She's not alone. Now Ari Fleisher argues

Under his policy it’s about 45% of this country would no longer pay any income tax. [...] You can’t have a country that’s gonna be strong if you’ve got about 45% of the country that is excused from paying income tax.

via sadly no.

Is Ari really trying to convince people that they better not vote for Obama, because if they do, they won't pay income tax ? Sadly no. He's a mole coming out of cover.

Now there is one Republican who is certainly not a demo-mole -- Dick Cheney -- he may be trying to destroy the Republican party (and the Republic) but he clearly can't stand democrats.


Anonymous said...

The moles are the pretend liberals who have decided that destroying women is what liberalism is all about, since there is no reason to talk about Afghanistan or Pakistan now that Democrats are decided to war there indefinitely.

So destroy a woman, and think this will not be remembered at a time pretend liberals will dearly, sorely regret.

The practice on Hillary Clinton has proven to be perfect for crazed pretend liberal moles. Carry on.

[American led killings in Afghanistan and Pakistan is never a pretend liberal mole's worry.]

Anonymous said...

October 8, 2008

"And certainly don't ask about the troops on bases here in Afghanistan who don't wear uniforms, have long beards (so they can better blend in during covert operations), tattoos and don't mingle with regular soldiers." * That of course violates the Geneva convention, and such violations were used by the US to justify the (mis)treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo.


-- As'ad AbuKhalil

[Remember, the problem is not a Democratic candidate for President who wants more war in Afghanistan and Pakistan and may not know there is a war in Somalia for all the lack of mention. The problem is a woman running for Vice President.]