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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Missile Defense Success !

US military intercepts two missiles

Does this partially vindicate Bush (and Reagan) ?

Sadly no. The anti missile system was based on the Aegis cruiser which is not part of Bush's multi billion dollar missile defense system.

The test marked the 10th and 11th successful intercepts by the Aegis ballistic missile defence system in 13th attempts, the Missile Defence Agency said in a statement.

Aegis was developed as an integrated radar and missile system for the Navy some 40 years ago but has since been modified to enable ships to track and shoot down ballistic missiles.

The last claim is a bit vague and indeed exaggerated. The first Aegis cruiser, The Ticonderoga was "first ordered and authorized in FY 1978." Still that was before Bush decided to stress missile defence over anti terrorism, before Reagan came up with his "Star Wars" dreams although it was after the release of "Star Wars".

That is, this is the system which Bush considers not to be good enough leading him to blow tens of billions and restart conflict with Russia.

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