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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fact Check Check Green Envy

Wow Michael Dobbs gives Bill Richardson the full 4 Pinocchios !

Very solid fact check I'd say. Richardson said "I like to compete with other governors about which is the clean energy state. We are the only state that follows the Kyoto treaty." Dobbs notes that New Mexico did not meet the Kyoto standards for the USA and that other states have established targets for reducing emmissions. He quotes Sandra Ely of the New Mexico Environment Department ""I'm not sure we are ahead of California," ... "But for the size of our state, we are doing exceptionally well.""

Richardson's claim is clearly false and earns the 4. Dobbs notes that Richardson has an excellent environmental record but lied about it. This fact checking was about the facts and claims not who is a good guy.

I award 4 stars

I fear I may have fallen for self praise "We would like to cut the governor some slack for his leadership on global warming, but we have to stick to our rating scale," bu the bottom line is Dobbs stuck to his scale even though he praises Richardson on the issue except for the lying.

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