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Monday, February 19, 2007

Someone needs to explain basic history to Hugh Hewitt

in the interview in which "General Odom Explains Basic Reality to Hugh Hewitt..." General Odom did not bother to explain basic history

HH: You would have been with which party in Great Britain in the 30's? Let me ask it that way. Was Churchill --

WO: I was -- it's not analogous to today at all. . . .

HH: Yes, but did Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain ignore the statements of Hitler, and put it down as just rhetoric?

Uh Hugh what do you mean "which party" Baldwin, Chamberlain and Churchill were all Tories, that is, conservatives, that is, members of the same party. Chamberlain, in particular, was a fierce anti communist who expelled the Soviet embassy and refused to consider an anti Nazi alliance with Stalin, certainly not a pleasant approach but one that Churchill was flexible enough to accept as necessary.

I think that Hewitt has convinced himself that Chamberlain was a socialist or a liberal, because he does not want to believe that a Conservative was so incompetent and blind to reality. As various people have noted, to wingnuts, conservativism can never fail it can only be failed.

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