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Monday, February 19, 2007

HTML Mencken does not share my view of Brad DeLong.

I think very highly of Brad

HTML Mencken in contrast wrote

GODDAMNIT!!! Fuckface fucktart cocksmoking chickenfucking FUCKETTY FUCKING SHITSICLE THIS PISSES ME OFF!!!

Wow. Now what do I have to do to get someone to write that about me ?

He is responding to this.

Old HTML seems to have an us and them world view. Libertarians want free trade, so he won't give it to them unless they give him a "better than Swedish" welfare state. I might add that extremist, torturing, corrupt, theocratic, plutocratic, hypocritical, evil, slimy, lying, killing, stealing Republicans like Dick Cheney do not want al Qaeda to plant H-bombs in every major US city, but I, personally, am willing to give Cheney what he wants on that one in exchange for a welfare state no better than France's.

See how relatively reasonable I am ?

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