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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Speaking of Paranoia

Recently I was discussing 1984 and paranoia with my daughter. The NSA spying is not our families main concern at the moment. We are more distressed over the fact that our refrigerator is broken and the refrigerator repair guy was out of coolant when he came to not fix it. I'm not paranoid, but the latest spam I got at hotmail was this

From : Free Appliances
Sent : Sunday, January 22, 2006 6:19 PM
To :
CC :
Subject : We're giving away a Free Refrigerator

Now I know that, unlike google, microsoft co-operated with the latest DOJ invasion of privacy effort, but I didn't know they got information in exchange and how does the DOJ know we need a new refrigerator ?

Update: OK now I know microsoft is spying on me. Just after I posted my thoughts about the mysteriously timed refrigerator spam, my hotmail spam tried to reassure me. I got spam for "men's wedding bands" and "Engagement Rings" as if the sinister organization which knows my refrigerator is broked didn't know that I am currently married and, in fact, wearing a wedding ring. Also I got spams for "drug rehab" and "road to recovery" even though I have never been addicted to a banned substance and haven't consumed one in ... well a very long time (definitely more than 5 years).

Now you might argue that using evidence that the spam fits my case and evidence that it doesn't equally as proof that MSN is spying on me is clearly paranoid. If you do, I just hope they paid you well to be part of their conspiracy.

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